Why I will miss booklets – Ultra-Obscene by Breakbeat Era

It took my some time to get accustomed to music downloads, but I must accept that some day there will be no CDs in plastic cases anymore and with them the booklet will be dead, too. Downloads are cheaper and faster than doing the full walk to the store, hoping that the album is in stock for a reasonable price, arguing with arrogant shop assistants why in all world it has to be THIS (shudder) album in all world, etc.

Downloads are available just now, without any hassle and with a good automated backup procedure (you have one, right?) they’re save for all time. Download the cover and you’re done, right?

Some albums, I still order online as a the “real” thing, like this one: ULTRA-OBSCENE (no shouting intended, but this is the title) by Breakbeat Era. A classic Drum’n’Bass album produced by Roni Size and DJ Die and just my taste containing jazzy Drum’n’Bass with cool female vocals. Fantastic. I had it on my wishlist for some time and now I bought it.

The music is great, but what even more caught my eye was the cover and booklet. It’s another piece of art (for me) and really inspiring. I like the grunge, used, dirty look and the close ups of unrelated(?) writings and forms. Just great. Have a look:

If that’s no art for you, then read this post. Booklets, you will be missed.



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