monkeyEcho vs. Trigger Finger – 1:1 – midi/usb now working

I was about to give up concerning the Trigger Finger problem I mentioned in my last post. I was willing to wait for a feedback from ableton (which is still unanswered) but fired up google a last time before I admit my defeat by a dumb machine.

And there it was, the solution which worked for me, as a 3rd page comment to another unrelated problem: Using an external USB-hub as adapter between PC and Trigger Finger does the trick. It’s working, now. Another piece of dumb machinery was needed to get the other one back in line 🙂

Normally, I assume that an external USB-hub is more a source of problem than a solution, but not in this case. Trigger Finger is now working fine with both types of drivers (Microsoft or m-audio). Who had guess such a solution when everybody is busy analyzing the driver? Not me. Maybe it’s a problem with USB 1 vs. 2 protocol, I don’t know and I don’t CARE!

So, new score in the match mE vs. TF = 1:1. I can start to create songs with it, going for another goal.



4 thoughts on “monkeyEcho vs. Trigger Finger – 1:1 – midi/usb now working

  1. James says:

    Excellent articles on the Trigger Finger. I am just about to purchase one for use with Reason 5. Do you know of any issues using with reason? Will be using it for live performance, so it will need to be nothing short of flawless….haha 😉

    1. productivemonkey says:

      No experience with reason on my side, sorry. Working rock solid in the studio. Low probability regarding happy accidents on stage, which may be good or bad depending on your pow 🙂

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