Shout-out for @AfroDjMac

Hi there! If you’re into creating electronic music and hasn’t stumble upon AfroDJMac, yet you should a) check your google-Foo because it’s crap and b) go ASAP to his website and check out all the good stuff he has there:

  • More then 150 free (!) Ableton Live packs (full single download for only 5$ on sale here, a “tiny” download of ~ 4 GB of Data…)
  • Rock solid advice about nearly every topic you might be wondering about
  • and (new!) a “Music Production” podcast where he’s talking with cool guests about creating music

If you had ever questions in your mind like “how could I do this?” or maybe “why is that so important to me?” or “Am I going too far enough?” AfroDJMac is a great source of inspiration and resources and I highly recommend to check it out. GO THERE NOW!

@Brian: If you’re reading this, I just want to say thanks (THANKS!) for all the time & effort you put into this. You make my days not only via podcast in my daily traffic jam but also with advice and tips in the dark hours of my personal creativity-hell. Planning to use a lot of your stuff on the current album.

Keep up the good work and cheers from the monkeyEcho.



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