Media Files Missing? Embrace Those Happy Accidents!


If you see this message you have a choice:

  1. Quarrel with your fate, curse your bad luck, spend hours finding the missing files to get again what you had before – or –
  2. Smile, embrace the happy accident and listen to what fate has thrown into your lap, it maybe better than before

After spending some time with choice 1. which es surely the default solution for all of us hard-working musicians striving for perfection, I’m more happy with choice 2. now. That may be because I changed my musical style from a fill-every-beat-there-is to a more minimal-leave-room style, but I’m sure that this is not a must to embrace that error message.

You will here your song differently. Maybe the main track is missing some or all sounds and the other tracks have their chance to shine. Maybe – if you’re a bit like me – you don’t have one main track but a lot of main tracks all competing for their second in the spot light. This error message may mute some of them and you’ll see a new main idea evolving. It’s liking turning the light off just to realize that some bits are covered with glows-in-the-dark-goo. It’s liking listening to a crowd of people for so long that you hear the rhythm of their speech or the awesome beat of the juke box next room. It’s a playground for happy accidents to happen.

Next time you’ll see this error message, stop for a second/hour/day and listen first and find the missing Media/sounds/samples later or never. Give it a try and you would make my day if you share your experience as a comment to this post.



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