New song released: iAndTheManWhoKnows – Track 9 from the new album microcosmos

The next track is ready. It’s called iAndTheManWhoKnows and is a more classic drum’n’bass tracks using 4/4 beats, sub bass and TV samples. I hope you enjoy it.

Making Of:

This song used to have a very tricky and complicated hihat pattern. I deciced to keep it simple instead and added a tape delay trick I learned from this tutorial you can find on the ableton blog or dubspot.

I was happy to use another sub bass, again. This one is from Trillian by Spectrasonics and is called “Taurus Sub Tuba” . The Trillian don’t have just one cool sub bass but many (including Moogs and SH-101), therefore it was even harder to choose the perfect one for this song.

I used TAL-NoiseMaker by Togu Audio for synths. The cool mellow sound from the last part is called “LD Mellow Chord TL” and can be found in the free download of this awesome vst synth. If you don’t know it yet, I recomment it.

I used some of my favorite TV and jazz samples (Lalo Schifrin is cool and Miles, too) to create a new vibe. Mixed and recorded using Ableton Live.

So, this makes it nine songs out of ten from the new album coming in 12/2012. Stay tuned for the release and have fun with the already published songs. Comments are welcome. I hope to hear from you.



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