Spectrasonics Trillian = Amazing Bass (Acoustic, Electric, Electronic)

Some days ago I finally saved enough money to buy spectrasonic‘s Trillian. They call it the “Total Bass Module” and they’re right. It’s fantastic. I don’t want to describe what it can do, because it’s better if you hear it or better see the pros playing it. I love to watch Eric Persing (founder of spectrasonics) presenting it, because you can see that he loves his instruments and their sounds so much. From Bass Legends (yes, the “you are you and why are you here?” sample from my first track comes from this CD) to Distorted Reality to Stylus RMX, Trillian, Ominisphere and and and … pure inspiration and the joy of making music.

Eric, maybe you read this: Thanks! You rock!

To give you an impression about what I’m drooling about here, here are some videos:

More insides included in this one. Watch til the end or start again at timecode 6:30. My favorite part is Greg Phillinganes taking to his bass player friends(?).

At last have a look at Eric Persing presenting Trillian at NAMM 2010. You can see, he loves it.

These were just three of lots of amazing videos you can find on spectrasonics website. Check them out, check Trillian itself. You’ll love it… if you’re not a real bass player :).



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