I love textures – a confession

Yes, I have to confess: I’m a texture lover. I love visual textures meant for graphic design as well as audio texture sounds. I love their abstract nature, I love the space they’re providing, the promise of creating, the potential to use them for something great or let them stand alone like a zen garden. They provide great wallpapers and backgrounds for pictures and sounds alike. They let you focus.

While looking at them / hearing them I love especially to change the point of view from “far away” (homogenous, uniform, consistent, maybe a bit boring) to “really close” (recognizing the subtle changes, the small differences, the variations, the unique spikes standing out, the surprise). Awesome!

Drawback is that you have to take the time to recognize the small things in the big picture, making room for them. I don’t have the nerve for this all the time (another confession). I know that a lot of viewer/listeners don’t have it either or don’t want to, looking for more BANG!NOW!NEXT!-material and not for stuff eating up their precious time/attention. Right time, right place.

So, for your inspiration and information some links to textures and wallpapers I like and love:

Sound Textures

Graphic Textures / Wallpapers

Does this confession let me go to hell? Comments, please.



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