the One (2008)

3 thoughts on “the One (2008)

  1. smittyrooks says:

    I think my favorite is the half way mark of the song ‘Solo’ it really picks up into a trance and athletic marching band feel.

  2. productivemonkey says:

    Thanks for the feedback. For me “solo” is many years away so it’s interessenting for me too to re-visit this song. It was originally planned as a song for bass and drum only. Therefore the title “solo” (I’m a strong believer in creativity through limitations). As you see, this “pureness” was not achieved but I’m nevertheless proud of this song. This is especially true for your favorite part. I like to surprise and going from the more ambient part to the beat is the BIG opportunity to do just that.
    So, thanks for your time, your feedback, just everything.
    Stay tuned for the new album which will be finished very soon. Not happy with the last song, but after that you’ll see a new release.

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