Magic Numbers — Software development anti-pattern or additional layer of reality hidden in plain sight? Do you recognize these numbers in your day-to-day live? They are everywhere! Do you see them? Do they have power?

You’re invited to contribute your photos via email. Every one is welcome.

These Are the Contributions – Thanks a lot! Gimme more! 🙂

Contributed by 3Triplex:

Contributed by Stephan:

Contributed by “Keks”:

Contributed by Sven:

Contributed by Jackie Hadel:

Feel free to contribute your magic numbers via email and they will be added to this gallery stating your name (if wanted). Contribute 10 magic numbers for a free album download!


24 thoughts on “Magic Numbers

  1. elmediat says:

    What most people do not notice is the space between the numbers – the patterns are so subtle that some people lose track of counting. 🙂 To paraphrase Wittgenstein – the meaning of a number is its use – numbers glyphs/graphs are medium and the medium shapes the message.

    Great sequence. 🙂

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