“No one cares about you. Almost no one even knows you exist.” (Seth Godin “Who’s There”)

coverwhosthere_1Just one sentence from Seth Godins ebook “Who’s There” about blogging. As usual he’s writing short, to the point and with a lot of truth. The book as 45 pages which will take you maybe 30-45 minutes to read. If you’re blogging, it will be more than worth this time.

“This is not a faq and it’s not the blogging bible and it’s incomplete and you may very well already realize everything that’s in here. But my guess is that you and your team haven’t focused all your energy and all your efforts on maximizing along some of these principles. That’s why I wrote them down.”

Another quote:

“So what?
So every post on a “viral blog” should be designed to get you another RSS subscription.
Every blog post should be designed to be important enough to get another blog to eagerly post a link or quote you or reprint the whole thing. Every blog post will be read because I want to, not because you want me to.
If you’re not doing this, you don’t really get my point yet.”

Yes, it is from 2005, which makes it pretty old, but the advice is still valid. Free download here:




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