POD hard cover of A Fistful of Darkness is now available

POD hard cover of A Fistful of Darkness is no now available via lulu.com for 27 USD!

Currently I cannot say when the softcover will be available because lulu has issues with my upload and the customer service is not responding but I will try and keep you posted. What I can say is that the softcover will cost 19 USD and I hope for a release in june 2020.

So, that is the moment I was working for all this time. I’m very happy to post this aFoD bookshelf picture side by side with my heroes (adding lots of other heroes in my mind of which I only own the pdf).

In the honorable company of my ancestors

Thanks to everybody giving support, cheers and buying the pdf book. I’m still overwhelmed by the positive acceptance and the large number of likes, positive comments and purchases. Guys, you’re my heroes, too. Everyone of you made my day during the last weeks.



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