A Fistful of Darkness – Problem with Printing at lulu.com – Status hardcover

Some people are waiting for the hardcover book of “A Fistful of Darkness” and therefore I want to give a short status update.

I have one proof copy here, but… I chose lulu.com because they have a much better interface than drivethrurpg IMO. What I did not know was that they plan to do a mayor change on their website regarding products and interface. They seem to have serious problems since the change because their customer service no longer answers social media or other channels. They say they answer requests via their support form but they don’t. Since 02.05.2020 I have four open requests and no answer to one of them.

So, what’s the problem and the status on the books?

  • Softcover is “live”, but PLEASE DON’T BUY IT. This is a proof version with which I’m not happy because of the cover and content. So, again, please don’t buy the softcover. It was never meant to be buyable but is due to a interface glitch and I cannot change it (–> that’s one of my requests)
  • Hardcover looks cool for me, but the interface won’t let me change it to public (–> another request). I really hope for an answer to my requests from lulu.com but we have to see. No info in 2 weeks does not make my very optimistic.
  • Therefore I’m thinking about switching to drivethrurpg for the printing but this will take some time and I’m not really happy with their hard cover books.

In the meantime I would like the say a big THANK YOU to everybody who bought the pdf on itch.io. My imposter syndrom is in overdrive because so many fine people bought the pdf. Wow!

If you have further questions, please contact me! I’m happy to anser any question.



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