To tell or not? What do you think?

So, maybe I plan to create the next album. I saw from the dates of my last albums that creating an album every two years seems to be my habit and another is due for 2017. I’m not sure if I read it somewhere in tons of creativity guide books that you should announce stuff like that to the world / friends / peers to create enough pressure to actual do it…

You may imagine my surprise when I stumbled about this via the Unstuck newsletter:
“In a popular TED talk, Derek Sivers explains why the accountability factor can sometimes hold us back. “Psychology tests have shown that telling someone your goals makes them less likely to happen.” Announcing your goals gives the mind a jolt of satisfaction similar to if you had actually accomplished that goal, which can lower your motivation. Talking is a lot easier than doing, so keep your plans to yourself and start working on them.”

Sciences* can’t be wrong or can it? What’s your opinion about that? Is it easier for you to get thing done when you talked about it with friends/peers/the internet or are you prone to that satisfying effect? I’m curious and maybe I will reveal if a new album is under construction 🙂

* No, I don’t want to argue wether psychology is science or not.




What do you think?

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