Dear M (Song Lyrics)


Dear M
I think you have something to say
About freedom
The upper spheres

About staring into the sun laughing
Letting it shine through
As you will

And bathing in clouds
Til you’re soaked wet in big smiles
About taking the first deep breath in the morning
Which is a new universe
After being crammed under deck during another lifetime of passage

Teasing trees to make them swing
Lifting the king of eagles to heights he’s never been
Where even he’s afraid that he will never see his folks again

I got your static in my ears
I hear your voice and try to listen
Even if we both know that we’re too different to understand each other
Like sky and cave
Like fly and save

Dear M
I surely love you from my heart
I’m not sure about the start of it
But I’m sure about the end
You will be there in my soul
With all your clouds and your freedoms
And the final letting go

(Song lyrics from the upcoming new monkeyEcho album)



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