Tons of new stuff: “Collection Three”

COLLECTION THREE includes 6 brand-new, premium, self-installing Ableton Live packs, which can be purchased individually or as a collection for some ultra-snazzy discountage. Isotonik Studios is the place to find them.
There are various audio demos at performodule’s soundcloud.

DynaMixing Four
A shrewd set of audio effect racks with streamlined workflow for potent mixing in mind. Includes some “Artificially Intelligent” devices in the vein of the “Ionic FX” pack.
Stuff it comes with…

3-Stage Compression go-to which can be set as-needed for source material with any variety of dynamics.
Auto-Width Curtailer dynamically narrow unnaturally wide stereo.
Eleven push it (barely or way) over the cliff edge with a special chain of eleven co-reactive serial processes.
Expandurator (not to be confused with the easier-to-use but simpler Exbandurator) this allows for extremely precise fine-tuned “parallel bandpass expander saturation”, which allows frequency-specific material hidden in a part to be brought to light in a mix almost…

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