25 life-saving tips for Processing

Helful, helpful, HELPFUL! Thanks!

Amnon P5 - Experiments with Processing by Amnon Owed

Well, perhaps they won’t literally save your life. But they surely will help you write your sketches easier, faster and more efficiently! This post will be covering tips, tricks and other need-to-know information about Processing. I’ve also included many runnable code examples. Please note that my somewhat arbitrary list is mainly intended for beginners and is by no means definitive. Feel free to share your own tips, tricks and suggestions in the comments below! 😉

1. frameCount, millis(), modulo % and noise
Let me start with a few functions that in themselves and in combination are extremely useful. Since they’re often used together, it’s easier to combine them in one tip and one code example. But know there are countless other uses for these functions. frameCount is a simple number that increases by one on each frame. Apart from it’s informative quality it can generate change in your sketch. Millis()…

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