Introducing “Groovification”

One of the supremely GROOVY things about Ableton Live is the ability to implement grooves
What does that mean?
It means you can induce “Swing” by imposing defined shifts to individual notes’ timing and/or velocity.

By default, most people programming music to a grid end up with a perfectly “tight” timing… which can unfortunately often come across as sterile, boring, and uninspiring.
By default, however, most people performing music with an instrument will do so with some natural swing, often influenced by their own personality, the feel of the music being performed, and of course the real-time reaction to any other players.
One of the reasons programmed music can sound flat and digital compared to lively, recorded organic material is because by default it has no swing, every note landing perfectly on a grid interval. But by applying subtle (or not-so-subtle) groove variety, a track can have much more “life” to…

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