Killer Feature in Full Blown Ableton Live = Racks

When I started using Ableton Live I used the “Intro” version and was quiet happy with it. I though to have all the features I needed. I was wrong. In Intro you’re stuck to using premade Drum-/Instrument-racks and you cannot build your own. This alone may be a reason why you should upgrade to “Standard”.

I found this great article on dubspot which gives all the good reasons and there may be more:

  • Your Controller Loves Racks
  • Getting Exact Control Over Parameters
  • One Knob, Many Tweaks
  • Finding Your Signature Sound

Check out the details and decide for yourself.



2 thoughts on “Killer Feature in Full Blown Ableton Live = Racks

  1. DJ Nu-Way says:

    Even better: Suite! Although I don’t use the stock sounds, there are some great effects that come right out of the box.

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