Free VST Vinyl Plug-In from iZotope

They call it “The return of the ultimate lo-fi weapon” and even if I’m a little bit more shy with using “ultimate” they may be damn close to it anyway. iZotope has lots of cool plugins to offer and Vinyl is one of them.

From subtle to drastic sound fx with a simple to use interface it is more than worth your time and effort. Did I mention that it’s free? No? It’s free, now you have it.
Download and more info here.

Need features? Here you go:

  • Warp: Choose the amount of warping and the warp shape for the record—from no warp to totally melted and warped edges.
  • Dust: Simulates the amount of dust that has settled on the surface of the record.
  • Year: Models record players from different decades using filter responses.
  • Wear: Simulates the effect of a record that’s been played too many times, from brand new to a few thousand spins.
  • Mechanical Noise: Adds turntable rumble and motor noise.
  • Spin Down: Simulate the sound of slowly stopping playback of a record, modulating both playback speed and frequency.



What do you think?

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