Creative Strategies for Producers by Matt Shadetek: It’s Not Going to Get Easier

I really enjoy reading articles in Matt’s series “Creative Strategies for Producers”. I suspect that this mainly is due to the fact that he gives my the feeling that I’m not alone with these questions (like “why am I doing this?” or “Is it good enough?”). When it comes down to creativity I think this is one field where “unique” is not good but “like everybody else” helps you through the day (and night).

Being a kid I thought that when you grow up there will be a point in life where you have “the knowledge”. Grown-ups seems to know what they are doing even if they’re screaming at the top of their lungs, fighting, biting, … generally being assholes but behaving as they should behave. Maybe you don’t understand now, but you will understand when you’re grown up, right? Then when you get older and you’re waiting for the big rite of passage (which will come or not depending on your culture) and you’re still waiting for “the knowledge” I have a disappointing truth for you: You have to find out be yourself. The times for global systems of truth (god, fixed enemies, money, etc.)are over. Especially for creating things this means “the fear won’t go away”.

Matt has four headings in his great arcticle about this topic. Give it a try. A read worth your time.

  • It Doesn’t Get Any Easier
  • Fear Doesn’t Go Away
  • Face Your Fear of Being Judged
  • Relax Into The Long Grind Of Making Art



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