The Glitch Bitch – A Speaker Shredding Swiss Army Knife!

Check out this cool tool from @DJVespers for Ableton Live. Free download and awesome, which is as good as you can get.

Some infos from the download page and check the video of the thing in use:

The Glitch Bitch is an Audio Effect Rack I originally designed for DJing. It was first released back in 2012 with the DJ templates included in several of my packs (Put Down the Gun and Bubbles in the Jungle). Since then, I’ve continued to refine it and I’m stoked to give you the most badass, speaker shredding version it is today. I use this Rack in every single DJ set I create, and it’s also come to be a mainstay in the arsenal of other producers such as David Starfire, Moontricks and more.

That being said, it’s SO much more than just a DJ tool. It’s a multi-FX tool, containing 8 essential effects. It’s basically a Swiss Army knife for audio! The effects contained inside this ultra-Rack are:

  • Highpass and lowpass filters
  • Redux providing bit crushing
  • Metal delay, with super short un-synced feedback times in re-pitch mode to give crazy pitching metallic effects
  • Custom reverb set up to give an epic hyper-compressed style effect
  • Frequency shifter for modulation madness
  • Beat repeat dialed in for random glitchy mayhem
  • Ping pong delay to add psychedelic flava



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