3 New Things: Ionix FX, Vinyl Snackler, PK Rocket Droner

In case you missed it, I recommend to check out the PK Rocket Droner. Very, very cool. Delicious textured sound.

1 ~ NEW sale pack available via Isotonik StudiosIONIC FX3
“A set of source-reactive audio effect racks for refined tone-sculpting capabilities.”

Ionic Rubix transparent w shadow

Ionic FX

The IonicFX3 pack is self-installing, meaning all you have to do is double-click it once and say yes to a couple of dialogue boxes for all devices to appear, categorized, in your core library.
Includes the following devices:

Ionic FilterA low-cut filter coupled with a high-shelf filter, which dynamically react to the input characteristics and to each other for organic attenuation.Ionic DeNoiseA multiband denoiser which reacts to the input signal in an attempt to carefully preserve the original tone.AI Buss GlueGo-to buss compressor with parameters reacting to both input and output signals in realtime, in order to maximize its usefulness moment-to-moment in response to dynamic material.AI Track CompWell-behaved channel compressor with parameters reacting to both input and output signals in…

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