My Opinion about Dual Monitors Feature of Ableton Live 9

When Ableton announced this, I was very excited. I thought I craved this feature, I wanted it, I needed it, … but then I found out that I didn’t.

I’m still getting some traffic because of the original post and therefore I wanted to give you my current opinion:

I don’t really use this feature at all. Yes, I activated my old backup monitor and yes, it’s standing here since then. I have the main screen of Ableton on the second window and the second windows on my primary screen (confused? Read on). I switched the roles, because I want to have the library browser on the second screen. I don’t need it in focus all the time and I don’t want to switch it on/off every time. So, it should be on the second screen.

For me, this is the problem with the dual monitor as implemented by Ableton: It’s not very flexible. You have session view on one and arrangement view on the other screen. You can switch. You can switch the lower part of the views. That’s it.

Maybe it would feel more useful if it’s more flexible… Maybe not. To be honest, I don’t think so. I try to focus my attention during working on songs. I don’t have to see everything at once, I just thought it would be helpful. So, I bought a bigger main screen and that’s it. Just my opinion, I didn’t say that for you it is not the killer feature you’re looking for. Check it out by yourself, because Ableton Live is a killer tool.



What do you think?

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