Getting Organized in Spectrasonics’ Stylus RMX

Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics is not only the coolest tool ever but brings a lot of cool sounds, too. And when I say a lot, I actually mean “A BIG F*** LOT!!!” (and I don’t use exclamation marks that often not to mention three of them). I just want to make clear, that there are many sounds, beats, kits included.

Which brings up the question, how to organize the stuff to your liking. I just want to find the needed loop in that moment when I’m looking for it and I don’t want to spend my time browsing and browsing and browsing. Did I mention, that I own some expansion packs, too? No? Yep, they came with the Xpanded pack, so I didn’t have a choice, didn’t I? Well maybe, I should avoid converting more of my own samples to the lib, … I just had/have to. 🙂

If you own this fine tool, this tutorial is a must-see for you. Highlight is the right-click feature of the “Add” button which lets you choose the suite to which you will add. Nice, nice, NICE.


@Spectrasonics, @ericpersing:
Your tools are worth every single euro I paid for them and then some. Thanks!



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