Speedy J | Red Shift

Minimal and simple. Normally, I’m not into Techno, but this is very cool.

Radio Salvaje

Together with Laurent Garnier, Aphex Twin and Richie Hawtin, Rotterdam’s Speedy J helped define Techno since 1991 with albums like Ginger, G Spot, Public Energy No. 1 and Loudboxer – spearheading labels like Plus 8, Novamute and Warp.

His latest projects span the audio-visual pioneer work of Umfeld, his label Electric Deluxe, his Event Series Electric Deluxe presents, and his upcoming Album Project Open Collabs.

Speedy J performances fuse live PA and Digital Djing, subversive electronics and peak time Techno, using Traktor and other Software technology on 2 laptops to create a fully integrated set.

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