Live looping with Reaper, Mobius and VST effects

My favorites from this collection:
– Ambience
– TAL-Dub Delay
– TriDirt
Really cool.

Beyond Bass

I’ve been experimenting recently, trying to come up with a Windows software live looping set-up to rival what I used to have when I used Abelton Live. I was only using the ‘lite’ version of Live and couldn’t fulfil what I really wanted to do, so, I had to come up with an alternative. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I had mentioned a tool called ‘Usine‘ which I was sure would better my experience of the excellent ‘Reaper‘ DAW – but as it turned out, Usine, for all its promise, was far too CPU hungry and could not be used as a reliable live tool. So, as I’d successfully used Reaper before, I turned back to this system that I knew worked.

Replicating effects

If you know Ableton, you’ll know it ships with a set of excellent, professional, built-in effects. These can…

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