50 Pro Tips For Breathing Life Into Your Electronic Music (via getthatprosound.com)

On the right a sound synthesizer, on the left ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It took me some time to read this list (and stay concentrated) and it’s worth your time. Very good and solid advice from my point of view:


Here is my personal Top 10:

7. Make Drum And Percussion Sounds Interact

8. Construct Melodies Using Counterpoint

14. Listen, Listen, Listen: Analyse & Deconstruct Your Favourite Tracks

16. If A Part’s Not Working, Don’t Agonise – Just Bin It & Move On

18. Plot Out The Structural Elements – Start The Arrangement With The End In Mind For An Organic, Uncluttered Buildup

20. Mix It Up: Use Sections Of Noise And Dissonance

32. Let Loose: Record Performances, Embrace Accidents And The Unexpected

36. Finishing Touches And Details

39. Actually play your rhythm parts rather than always programming them

45. Five Parts Or Less At Any One Time: Less Is More



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