37 music production tips from the pros via musicradar.com/futuremusic

Some good advice about music production:


My highlights

5. Paul Hartnoll, Orbital

“Vaughn Williams: why does he always write in E minor? Blannng! E minor always sounds so full of mystery and mood. You can almost smell it. Move your chord up a bit and suddenly it’s gone.”

7. Steve Angello

“[…] I want to make it as simple as possible. I want a basic sound that I can create myself. If you know your tools then you’re king of the studio.”

10. Will Gregory, Goldfrapp

“I’m all for progress but the time you spend upgrading your gear is time you spend not making music. […]”

19. RJD2

“One of the hardest things to learn is when not to compress something. I always thought that I should be struggling with compressor settings to get them right but if the instrument sounds fine exactly as it was recorded, just bring up the fader.[…]”

23. Simian Mobile Disco

“Before archiving a track that you have finished or given up on, try deactivating all the active tracks and reactivating all the inactive tracks. It might be shit on its own but it might be the start of a whole new direction for the track, or something new.”

24. Tocadisco

“Almost all the bass sounds in my productions from the last five years came out of Spectrasonics Trilogy. It has an amazing warm and full sound. You almost just need a good bass drum and a Trilogy bass sound and the track is already rocking!”

29. Vince Clarke

“Mistakes and accidents often make the songs. If I’ve got a musical part to be sequenced then I’ll already have an idea of the kind of sound I think I’d like and would suit the track. But then, as you program a sound you’ll invariably end up with something different. It keeps it fresh and innovative that way.”

Have fun, while create!



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