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lastfmlogoSome time ago I asked you for a good platform to publish my music. I though that it was a good idea to stick with one platform only, to communicate a lot with the people there and don’t spread to different platforms. Now, I think this is wrong. Some prefer bandcamp, some soundcloud and with the disappointment using thesixtyone I uploaded my music to soundcould AND bandcamp to published my stuff there.

Today I added to the list. It’s a good fealing to upload your stuff en mass to a lot of new listeners. It felt really good to have two albums full of songs I like. I hope to see my name in the Discovr music app because it’s using as a data source. We’ll see if this will happen.

To my suprise there were already five of my songs on Don’t know, how that happened. Maybe via, but I don’t know. Well, I added the sameHereLucy video, too.  





2 thoughts on “monkeyEcho’s Music now on

  1. Jochen Stein says:

    Hallo Stefan,

    da kann ich weiter helfen … die kamen wohl ber’s scrobbeln zu

    Viele Gre



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