Ableton Live: Using the Pitch MIDI Effect for Quick Filtering / Transposing on Drums

Reading the Ableton Live manual I had the idea to use the Pitch Midi Effect to it’s full extend by doing this:

With this effect you’re not only able to pitch the whole midi clip, but parts of it by using the provided filter (Range / Lowest). So, why not filter for – for example – hihats and pitch some up, to play the ride cymbal or toms. This would be range of notes, like I did in this example:

Using Midi Pitch to filter for specific notes and pitch only them
Using Midi Pitch to filter for specific notes and pitch only them

“Lowest” was set to F#1 with is the Closed HiHat when using a GM-Drumkit. I change the “Range” to + 5 to inlude all HiHat Notes from the G# and A# notes as well (= Foot/Open Hihats in a GM kit). Then I pitched +9. The Result ist that I have a cymbal groove instead of a hihat groove inluding fills on cymbal bell. Nice.

Try this with tombs or pitching snare to stick or vice versa. Try this with analog / electronic hits or bongos, congas, triangles, … you got the idea. Map the Pitch parameter to your hardware control and have fun on the wild side.

Nothing special but a quick and easy thing to do to get creative with your old midi material.



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