Inspiration Overkill – Death by Ableton Live Suite and Stylus RMX

merch-live-9-suite-box.png__340x340_q99_upscaleI did the upgrade from Ableton Live Intro to the full version then to version 9 some time ago. This week I did the upgrade from full version to suite.

On a side track I finally bought Stylus RMX from Spectrasonics which is an awesome tool and which I had on my must-have-wish-list for a long time. You may remember that I already bought trillion by Spectrasonics…

All are awesome tools on their own right with cool presets and endless possibilities regarding creating music. The problem I have now is that I’m stuck in all these opportunities.

Possible combinations with stochastic tools like Circuit doesn’t improve the situation much. Did I mention that Max 4 Live is included in Suite, now? No, guess why… argh!

I know that this is what we call a “Luxus Problem” in German: like should I use the Bentley or the rolls Royce to drive to the studio (if there were one).

But nevertheless I have the feeling that instead of reading manuals, watching tutorial videos and dropping the jaw in awe I better get a new song done, right?

Had this paralysis, too? Let me know and thanks a lot in advance for any hints or sympathetic words.


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