Dear, don’t ignore me, please

Before bandcamp I published my songs on The idea to have different character classes (listener, artist) collecting points and levels appeal to my roleplayer-heart and it was fun.

I got a lot of feedback from “hearts” (= likes/points) and comments to my guest book. I was able to write something to other guest books, too, like saying thanks for listening etc. That was cool.


Then, they changed the interface to a more hip-modern style which is ok, if not all the interaction features were gone, too. Pity. At this point I wrote my first mail to their support. Not quiet right: First I spent some time searching for an email address, because that was not so easily found as assumed from a site with a lot of traffic. Ok, now, I wrote my mail stating my points, why I don’t like the new interface … no reaction, not even an automated response mail.


By chance I found that the old interface is still up and running and therefore I simply used that, instead of the new one. But,  as you may expect from a deprecated GUI, not all features were online, like guest books (yes, you still can add text, but it won’t store it because of silly error message).
At this point I wrote the second mail, again with no response.

Now, I tried to change my password, well, to be honest I forgot my old one. With the new GUI I was not able to get this done. I used to old interface, managed to receive a mail with a new password. I’m able to login to the old interface but not the new one.

Again, I wrote a mail to “” and this is the last try. Yes, I have a free account, but “hey” shouldn’t I be able to login to the site? Mmm. Maybe not.

@thesixtyone: If you should read this, sent a mail to It’s not too late, but soon will be.

If you’re having similiar problems or a solution or a direct channel to the folks at support, write a comment, please.

16.07.2013 Update: In case you’ve missed the comment: I got no feedback from support but found out that safari is the only working browser which let me in using the new interface. The old interface is working for chrome and IE, too.



2 thoughts on “Dear, don’t ignore me, please

  1. productivemonkey says:

    BTW, after Chrome and Firefox did not work, I tried Safari and guess what? Yep, working with the new interface. Strange but maybe this is a Mac/iOs only site. Did not change me mind, though.

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