A short review of my first year on wordpress: In one word? Unexpected!

I read the annual report provided by the fine people of wordpress today… I found some strange information in there, like this:

“Some visitors came searching, mostly for modern talking, alone words, modern talking keyboard, modern talking instrument, and pic of the words naked pic.”

I didn’t know that “pic of the words naked pic” was a correct sentence but searching is no longer about correctness so I let this slide. But three terms with “Modern Talking” in it? I wrote about this one before, so I spare you my astonishment.

When I started to blog I planned to wrote about music and making music. The articels with the most “likes” are the one with the pictures –> unexpected.

Unexpected, too, is the lack of feedback. With one (=1) comment you’re able to make it to the top-5 commenters list, with 4 comments you will be the number one, there. I hoped for more to get new ideas and changes.

What I got was input from other blogs. It seems to me that the only readers of blogs are other bloggers. Its just live music: The only people going to small gigs are other musicians (and girlfriends of musicians). Did the blog push me forward? Well, sometimes. Does it created pressure? Sure. Is this good? Don’t know. So, was it worth the time and effort? Actually, … I don’t know. I’ll keep going another year and we speak again.



What do you think?

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