Goldie’s Saturnz Returns – Mother

Lately I was stuck in a train somewhere between Mannheim and Frankfurt and I had Goldies album Saturn Returns with me. I took the opportunity to listen to “Mother” which is a song more than 1 h long. I don’t say that I like it or understand what Goldie did, but I see this track as a proof that he’s an artist in the true sense of the word: Having a vision, the will to ignore all conventions and the power to convince his record company to pull it off. For that he deserves a lot of respect.

For the music, I must say that I don’t understand it and it does not talk to me, even with Bowie in it. I checked Discogs and there you’ll find comments like “too bombastic”, “the higher they climb, the harder they fall”, but also “amazing”, “refreshing” and “I adore this track”. So, again it’s up to you.

For me, it’s inspiration.



What do you think?

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