Song 8 of the new album is ready: dirtyGod

Another song is ready, which make it 8 out of (at least) 10 for the album. Check it out and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate some feedback.

Making of:

This one was “ready” some time ago and I published it on thesixtyone. But for reasons unknown I thought of it as not ready, yet. So, I came back to it and added a straight rock beat at the end (you have to wait ’til 3:40 to hear it) and now it’s really done. It’s giving it a less electric-more-rock-feeling which I like, just as layering 5/4 beats with 4/4 beats to let it go apart and coming back together.

My son just said “Play it again, dad! Make it louder!” so he likes it, what about you?

Again I used Ableton Live instruments, especially the Analog Bully and Meaty drum kits. They’re very cool. I used my Trigger Finger to play the 5/4 beats and do the controller editing. So, in the battle monkeyEcho vs. Trigger Finger I scored another goal (monkey 2:1 trigger Finger). After the MIDI fix, it’s working like a charm. Thanks to the lesser gods of Hardware and MIDI.

The bass is a real bass (BIG THANKS to Dominik for letting me borrow his J&P. Cheap but effective 🙂 ) and I’m proud of the groove. It’s never easy to play something out of the usual 4/4 beats, so it take some practicing to get this done. I used Behringer Bass V-Amp for the recording and added some effects (like compression and distortion) in Live.

If you want more background and infos, let me know.



What do you think?

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