Stochastic Drums – An Update

After finishing the latest song I fired up the old trusted search engine to see if there’re developments concerning generating stochastic drum beats. To my surprise, my own blog came up right after the algorithmic arts home. *sigh*

I asked Giles Bowkett if it’s possible to get his Archaeopteryx up and running using windows and the answer was a straight “maybe”. I will check this out later (thanks for the quick answer!). He’s doing some cool tracks with it…

In the meantime I asked the guys from xitive if and when the MIDI update for Stochastic Drum Machine is coming and guess what? The answer was “October” which is promising.

I decided, too, that circuit has not seen the last of me checking it out, so I have to find some uninterrupted time and space to learn this tool more seriously than the last time. We’ll see.

Again, being a programmer I was thinking to program something by myself either in ruby or Java. It would be nice to sling some code again (without deadline and customer 🙂 ).

This as a short status update on this matter.



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