So much cool stuff, so few time

Today I had to noticed again how much cool stuff is out there:

Information to learn, things to learn, goals to reach, dreams to live, music to hear, books to read, people to follow, … it’s awesome and awful, because time’s limited.

After input from you via this blog I listened to Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall a record from 1963, which makes it nearly 50 years old. I did not know it till today and it’s just great (as in GREAT!). I called myself lucky that I’m not a drummer when I listened to “Castalian Drums”. It would have made my cry and crawling in the dust unworthy to kiss Joe Morellos feet. If one of my sons picks up drumming and I’m feeling evil, I will play this track to him. Beware Sons! 🙂

But, while having fun listening, it made me think what other great stuff is out there (for 50 years or more or less) which I’m missing. AND I won’t spend my years hunting for other people’s stuff but I want to contribute my thoughts/music/pictures/whatever as well.

So what does this sum up to? Mmm… Be aware that you time is limited. Choose your next tasks wisely. Have an open mind for new things and get your things done.



3 thoughts on “So much cool stuff, so few time

  1. Koaxatl says:

    Fine reflection and well put, but ….

    I hope I never consider time to be limited or precious. A frightening thought like this might eventually keep me from wasting it.

    1. productivemonkey says:

      Thanks a lot for this point of view. I was planning to do a song called “aLiveWasted” about someone a knew who spent his life in frustration and hate… but after reading this I will spin this around and call the song aLiveWellWasted. Thanks for giving these dark thoughts a positive spin, Koaxatl.

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