My manifest to keep me motivated and on track

This manifest / set of rules helps my through the days and trouble (credits in parentheses, see below):

  • get things done (1)
  • listen more, talk less
  • no courage, no girl (6)
  • focus more, multitask less
  • be proud of your creations
  • execute dumb ideas beautifully (2)
  • dont’ wait for permission, take risk (3)
  • say “no” to people, even if you like them (2)
  • drawing and scribbling is fun and helps thinking
  • breaks have a value. For you and for your work, too.
  • reflect: keep a journal, carry a notepad + recorder (2)
  • it’s not of minor value just because it came easy to you (4)
  • don’t worry about how good it’ll be. Just make it and do your best (2)
  • do not lower the bar, but rather fail again and again until you made it (5)
  • take your time to learn from failures, don’t let them become mistakes (3)
  • see the good things – even if they’re small – and be grateful for them
  • don’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside
  • get smarter every day (every small thing counts!)
  • go out and experience things/people (2)
  • don’t complain about what you do (2)
  • create more, consume less
  • act with honor and respect
  • art = reality = truth
  • read fiction (2)



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