Song 3 from the new album: a warm smile

I decided to put one of my “old” songs on the new album. Check it out

Making of:

I wrote this song together with my wife, Susanne. She was so kind to sing it, too and I love her voice, it’s fantastic. It featured some of my favorite sounds like fender rhodes and stand-up bass, electric drums and percussion and is so mellow and sad as it should be. As you may have guessed it is about death of a loved person. It may be a different person for both of us, but the feeling is just the same.

she stood by me, she carried me
from my first day ’til this morning
she knew my heart
even if she did not understand my mind
modern times, she said, smiling
modern times, she said

wisdom comes with pain

sometimes she was my guiding light
sometimes she was a warm smile
I miss her

wisdom comes with pain



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