Song 2 from the new album: randomEncounter

Songs 2 is ready and released! Check out bandcamp, hope you like it.

Making Of:

I used NodeBeat as an inspiration by connection the new MIDI feature (awesome!) to Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. MIDI via WLAN worked like a charme. That gave me a solid base of random beats to start from. Finding a matching base sound/baseline was pretty tricky. I tried different jazz and funky baselines but found them out of place. Hard to describe but they just won’t fit. Finally, I settled for a simplified line and a classic synth bass. Even harder for me was letting go of thinking that is needs a “normal” song structure like verse, chorus, refrain, solo. In the end I just let go of control and used other randomizing functions to help me along.

I would like to read some comments, so don’t be shy.



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