HYSTERESIS by Glitchmachines – Cool and Free VST Plugin for the Glitch Lover


I checked out this free VST Glitch Plugin. It was published a few weeks ago and can be downloaded from this link.

HYSTERESIS is a FREE glitch delay plugin geared toward creating robotic artifacts and abstract musical malfunctions.

Hysteresis features a delay effect with stutter, lowpass filter and modulation effects thrown into the feedback signal path.

Easily infuse your projects with glitchy articulations and abstract textures. Process anything from drums and percussion to synth lines and sound effects. On top of being able to create incredibly wild signal mutations, it can also be used to generate classic delay effects.

I still have some problems using it in an aux channel, but I have the suspicion that the problem is not located in the plugin but right in front of the computer itself. Maybe I have to read the manual? Naaa, too easy :)

Try it, love it or hate it. I’m part of the first group.

@Glitchmachines: Very cool! Keep up the good work.

Check out the other stuff, too. Nice web design and other cool (free) stuff.



Beat Programming: “Beat Dissected” by Attack Magazine

AttackMagazineIf you’re looking for detailed info about programming beats for various electronic styles, you should check out the “Beat Dissected” section of Attach Magazine. Very good info, easy to follow and useful for all the DAWs out there. As for now (08/2014) they have tutorials on the following styles:

  • Polished House
  • Cosmic Nu-Disco
  • Soulful Deep House
  • Belleville Techno
  • Raw French House
  • Motor City Techno
  • Up-Front Garage
  • 21th Century Chigago House
  • West Coast Hip-Hop
  • Sub Zero Minimal Techno
  • 80s-Style Chicago House
  • Rough House
  • Maniac Ghetto House
  • Jackin’ House
  • Found Sound 2-Step
  • Dirty Indi-Dance
  • 90s Jersey House
  • Raw Drum & Bass
  • Chillout: Raw Strip-Hop
  • Upbeat Chillwave
  • Nu-Disco: Live Groove
  • Dusted Deep House
  • Dark Berlin Techno
  • Main Room House
  • Organic Tech-House
  • Raw Dance-Punk
  • Deep Afro House
  • Incessant Drum & Bass
  • Rolling Deep House
  • Chillout: Lounge Bed

If you’re able to tell all these styles apart by ear – or even “only” the house styles: Big respect from my side. Maybe you can explain to me why I should care about the differences ;)



Getting Organized in Spectrasonics’ Stylus RMX

Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics is not only the coolest tool ever but brings a lot of cool sounds, too. And when I say a lot, I actually mean “A BIG F*** LOT!!!” (and I don’t use exclamation marks that often not to mention three of them). I just want to make clear, that there are many sounds, beats, kits included.

Which brings up the question, how to organize the stuff to your liking. I just want to find the needed loop in that moment when I’m looking for it and I don’t want to spend my time browsing and browsing and browsing. Did I mention, that I own some expansion packs, too? No? Yep, they came with the Xpanded pack, so I didn’t have a choice, didn’t I? Well maybe, I should avoid converting more of my own samples to the lib, … I just had/have to. :)

If you own this fine tool, this tutorial is a must-see for you. Highlight is the right-click feature of the “Add” button which lets you choose the suite to which you will add. Nice, nice, NICE.

@Spectrasonics, @ericpersing:
Your tools are worth every single euro I paid for them and then some. Thanks!



Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:

magic“Four years before I had written Soldiers’ Pay. It didn’t take long to write and it got published quickly and made me about five hundred dollars. I said, Writing novels is easy. You don’t make much doing it, but it is easy. I wrote Mosquitoes. It wasn’t quite so easy to write and it didn’t get published quite as quickly and it made me about four hundred dollars. I said, Apparently there is more to writing novels, being a novelist, than I thought. I wrote Sartoris. It took much longer, and the publisher refused it at once. But I continued to shop it about for three years with a stubborn and fading hope, perhaps to justify the time which I had spent writing it. This hope died slowly, though it didn’t hurt at all. One day I seemed to shut a door between me and all publishers’…

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